Residential Building Permits

Residential Building Permit is a formal permission, from the city in which you are located ,required for the construction, renovation, alteration, relocation, demolition, and repair of all one and two unit dwellings, as well as decks, garages, car ports and accessory buildings. This includes new construction as well as work done to existing buildings. Building Permits are required to ensure that all new work to be done comply with  the Ontario Building Code, local zoning By-Laws and other applicable regulations.

Building Permits regulate different types of building constructions that are permitted within the community and ensure they meet all the standards.

To obtain a Residential Building Permit you need to prepare the following items:

        * Site Plan
        * Survey
        * Drawings
        * HVAC
        * HLC(Heat Lost Calculation)
        * Application Forms (Depending on the city in which your property is located
        * Designer Information (BCIN)
        * Engineer Stamp
        * Applicable City Fees

The building permit process is essential because it ensures that the owner's interests and those of the community at large are protected. It is recommended to get a residential building permit because failure to obtain a proper Residential Building Permit can result in costly construction delays, legal actions and/or removal of work already completed within the property.   

At GE Consulting & Associates Inc, we specialize in providing exceptional drawings that meet the requirements of the city in order to get the Building Permit Approval.

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