Real Estate Agents, We Provide Quality House Designs? Get a quote

At GE Consulting & Associates Inc. We provide certified & stamped drawings as well for city permit requirements. We are able to work remotely on your files and provide you with your desire output in a short period of time on a budget. We are trained professionals in a wide variety of programs.We work closely with architects, designers, developer and engineers. 

We follow our process to ensure we deliver on client's expectations.  Once we receive an inquiry from our clients, we request a meeting so we can have in fact more precise information on the project and determine the scope of it  (building size, location, etc). Once we have gathered the information , we provide a written quote to the client stating a fixed amount for the cost of the project. Once the client approves the quote, we begin on assignment , at this time we do required an initial deposit from the client. 

We consider that effective communication play a vital role in our process. wE constantly communicate with the clients , doing follow up and coordination meetings to make sure we are working withing the client's requirements. A feedback from the client must be done in written format so our professional team can deliver based on the client's requirements.

For more information, please contact us for a quote by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 416.898.3367